Basic VI Editor Shortcuts

Basic VI Editor Shortcuts

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If you’re a Unix or Linux System Administrator then you will most likely have come across the VI editor, whether you’re bashing out a shell script or need to modify a configuration file VI comes in very handy.

If you’re new to Unix or Linux the following VI shortcut commands should get you started.

  VI Editor Shortcuts

# From your shell run the following to open a file for editing
vi <your filename>

### Navigation
# Use your arrow keys to move around

# To jump to the top of the file
Press 1 then hold SHIFT + press G

# To drop to the bottom of the file
Hold SHIFT + press G

### Editing
# There are 2 input modes 'replace' & insert
# To exit either of these modes simply press ESC

# Activate replace mode
Hold SHIFT + press R then enter your text

# Activate insert mode
Press i then enter your text

# Delete text
Navigate to the beginning of the text to delete and press x

# Delete a line
Press d twice

# Delete multiple lines
<number of lines> then press d twice
e.g. 100dd

# Search for text or a pattern
Press /
Then enter your text or pattern then press enter to search

# Undo last change
Exit replace or insert mode, press ESC
Then press u

# Save the file
Press ESC
Then type :w then press enter

# Force file save (if file is read-only and you have root privileges)
Press ESC
Then type :w! then press enter

# Exit the editor
Press ESC
Then type :q then press enter

VI may seem complicated at first, but it becomes easier the more you use it.

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