Real Cost Of The Cloud Aka AWS

I Love AWS Let me just lay it out there, I love AWS and I love the flexibility and ease of creating environments in an automated and repeatable fashion. It’s somewhat heartwarming to be able to tell your Dev team…

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Get MemberOf List – PowerShell

Handy one-liner to get a list of groups listed in a users MemberOf property. Import-Module ActiveDirectory (Get-ADUser -Properties MemberOf | Select-Object MemberOf).MemberOf

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Agnostic Computing in the Cloud

Delivering computing as a service rather than a physical product, that is the goal of cloud computing. It’s also taken on the cumbersome task of providing not only a service, but one that is highly available and resilient. Many of…

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  • Who is Gareth?

    Established in the mid eighties, Gareth took to computers at an early age. Growing to lead a career in IT, now spanning over a decade. His big passion is fitness, and studying the impact it has on a persons life. As a regular at the gym he uses his workouts to push his body beyond the limit. When not working, Gareth spends his evenings developing ideas to generate viable business solutions encompassing his passions, IT + Fitness.

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